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I’ve worked with Jay Kemp several times, both on mini documentaries and feature pieces for network specials. Being on the road with a crew can be challenging, but with Jay it was a true pleasure. Always prepared, Jay would help create different ways of visually telling a story. That, combined with his detailed knowledge of the latest technology, makes Jay Kemp a fantastic Director of Photography to work with.

~Denise Kimmel, Producer Discovery Channel


I had the pleasure of working with Jay Kemp for about five years at Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. He was a hard working , thoughtful and talented DOP. And “DOP” is the correct term: in the field for Discovery it was incumbent on every member of the team to ensure every shot contributed to the final “on-air” product. Jay knew how the show was supposed to look and proceeded to create lovely stories with that confidence. Let me also say he was easy to work with. After several long and arduous trips to places as varied as Israel to California , after weeks together dealing with all the nasty things field production can throw at you I would have been happy to go home , have a shower , get re-acquainted with my family then get right back on an airplane with Jay to do it all over again. 
~ Rob Davidson, Producer
Jay and I have travelled the world together, filming everything from spaceships and scorpions, to autonomous cars, missiles and icebergs, in some remote locations - and under extreme conditions. 
In all of these situations, Jay is consistently unflappable, a consummate professional, with an eye for detail, a love of technology and a keen sense of adventure.
He is a solid DOP and photographer - creative, inventive, energetic and focused, always willing to go the extra mile to get the absolute best shots. He has terrific ideas, communicates them effectively and always comes prepared (with Go Pros and rattlesnake shin protectors, just in case).
Most importantly, Jay loves storytelling. He has a great rapport with the people he is filming or photographing, as well as the crew, and always has a positive attitude. 
Jay is fun to work with, a great friend and colleague and I would highly recommend him, without hesitation. 

~ Heather Sherman, Producer


Over the last 9 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay Kemp many times while filming for Daily Planet.  
Jay’s a very creative shooter with a keen eye for detail, and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the shot when required!
His easy going attitude made it fun to bounce ideas off one another when trying to figure out the best way to film a particular scene.
And Jay was always a professional on set with both crew and guests.  I could always count on him to loosen up a room, which I think is a great bonus quality in a shooter!
~ Sean McShane, Producer

Jay Kemp is enthusiastic about capturing wonderful moments from behind the lens. 
We worked together at Discovery Channel, and collaborated on what became one of my favourite features, a profile on free solo climber Alex Honnold in Yosemite National Park. 
I appreciated Jay’s willingness to get creative on this challenging assign.  

Shelley Ayres / producer, director, writer


I had the pleasure of working with Jay Kemp for seven amazing seasons. Travelled with him creating content for Discovery Channel Canada from the skyscrapers of NYC to the high deserts of Southern California and his talent as a Director of Photography is on point. Proficient in the latest technology, Jay can work a shoulder mount, a handheld gimbal, and even a drone to get incredible and dynamic shots. He thinks like an editor, has the organization of a producer and is constantly creating in the field. I can say from personal experience that Jay is a valuable asset to have on any production. 
~ Lucas Cochran - Former Host and Producer for Daily Planet
It is a pleasure to work with Jay in the field, and to work with his shooting in the edit suite. He lights and frames sit-down interview shots beautifully. In documentary mode he deftly captures action and characters in motion. Even when working flat out fast, his composition and story sense are awesome.
~ Ben Schaub, Producer